30 September 2015

It Begins

We left the Refuge in the rain, heading to Gatlinburg TN by way of Dunkin Donuts, but somewhere along the way M called an audible and we went to Asheville NC instead. Given the weather and time constraints we (in the collective sense) decided to start out from Asheville instead of Cherokee and skip the first part of the Blue Ridge Parkway in favor of sleeping in a little later and being able to take some more time during our first day traveling.

Tomorrow will see us on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville to our stop in Boone in time for a bit of rest and refreshment before we have to be at the chapel. This is the only scheduled event on our trip, besides being the entire reason for it.

Friday and Saturday we will drive the rest of the Parkway and the Skyline Drive, ending up in Winchester VA to see Favorite Niece sometime Saturday afternoon and Reston VA to visit Brother In Law on Saturday evening.

Sunday we will head back to the Refuge. From there...the sky is the limit.


Navy91 said...

Congratulations shipmate! I'm also looking forward to taking that step for the last time, sometime in the next 12 months. We haven't set a date yet. Hope you enjoy the trip. We're contemplating something similar for when it's our turn.

Larry said...

Outstanding! We ran off to the mountains alone, otherwise I would have had to rent out the National Cathedral to hold all the people that decided they wanted to be a part of it...not to mention the spectators. I will recommend the chapel in Boone NC if you want to know more, they did a good job.