17 February 2007

Another One Down

Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, is running for President.

Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, doesn't get the Global War On Terror.

Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, who's otherwise Libertarian stand on the issues I appreciate, has just demonstrated why he will remain a Congressman from Texas. If that.

Congressman Paul, if I can't count on you to fund the troops that are doing the President's bidding and killing terrorists, how could I count on you as President to protect my interests overseas?

Ron Paul will not be getting my vote. Duncan Hunter still looks pretty good though.


Anonymous said...

I urge you to re-consider your condemnation of Mr. Paul. He has a very strong voting record in favor of defending this country.

Larry said...

As I said, I appreciate Mr. Paul's stand on a lot of the issues. However, the most important issue right now is the GWOT, and he doesn't have it right. If not for that, I could vote for Mr. Paul without reservation.
Thanks for dropping by!