03 February 2007

The Rise And Fall Of Civilization

I wrote a while back about the barbarians at our gates, and how "civilized" society inevitably falls to the mongol hordes. This is because the mongol hordes have no problems employing uncivilized behavior to attain their goal, which is domination, while "civilized" society flounders about the edges.

My thoughts on the matter are perfectly summed up in a post on the American Thinker. Lost of good stuff there, I highly recommend it.

Hat tip to His Excellency who has a word or two of his own on the subject.

The current struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil (depending on your viewpoint) is once again an arguement over who is going to be in charge. If we have become too soft and weak to enforce our will, we will lose, plain and simple.

If we all can see what the problem is, why can't we come up with the solution? There is a thing as too civilized, after all.

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