13 December 2008

Electrical Safety

When installing a 115 VAC light into a control panel, it is necessary to disconnect the equipment from it's source of power by either unplugging it or pulling it's breaker.

Just shutting off the source of power to the light itself by turning the switch on the front of the panel off is not enough.

Even though the power is removed from the light, power is still present at the top of the switch, and since the light is in close proximity to the switch it is entirely possible (and probable) to touch the live wire on the switch while wiring in the light.

You will have just enough time while doing the 110 Fandango to contemplate the true reason that alternating current is measured in "hertz". Fortunately it is unlikely that the 110v will be enough to cause permanent injury, but it will get your attention for a while.

This Tim "The Toolman" Taylor safety moment is brought to you by Binford Tools.

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