13 December 2008

Twain Was Right

I have my grandsons living with me for the time being.

The youngest is three, and he's really a handful.

Today while "taking his nap" he managed to crawl into his pillowcase and zip the cover up on himself.

Of course his father took great pleasure in showing this to my wife and me.

And he wonders where the kid gets it. I could tell you some stories.


AnnieMcPhee said...

Oh, that brings back some fun memories. More than I would have thought. Thanks :) Oh, and tell him the stories ;) (And us for that matter lol)

Larry said...

And tell I certainly shall...at a later date.
Thanks for dropping by Annie.

SkyeChild said...

What is the saying..."you should have a child JUST LIKE YOU!" Sounds as though he did. 8-)

Larry said...

Ah yes, the mother's curse. I know it well.
My youngest daughter has figured out a way to escape it. She's decided not to have any.
Once in a while the old maternal urge kicks in, and when it does she comes over and borrows my son's kids for an hour or so and gets over it. My younger sister did the same thing.
Thanks for dropping by Skye!