29 June 2009


From Australia.

Clinical trials to start soon in Melbourne.

HT: Ace O' Spades HQ


none said...

I really hope so.

Larry said...

As do I, Hammer. As do I.

I also hope that the trials go well and can start going through the whole process here real soon.

Anniee451 said...

I think there's a LOT of hope in nanotechnology. Let's hope it outstrips the ruination of our medical system and gets going before the damage is done. I daresay it might really be the wave of the future...if we are given one.

Larry said...

Would this be nanotech or biotech? Whichever it is, it shows some significant promise. I just hope it's not too late getting into the American marketplace to help the missus. Selfish of me, perhaps, but there it is.