10 June 2009

New Link

Home On The Range.

I think I'm in luv.

(My wife's idea of "roughing it" is a hotel without room service.)


Home on the Range said...

Oh now you made me blush. :-)

Probably shouldn't write about showers in turkey hunting season that includes standing out in the open buck naked and just pouring jugs of cold water over my head.

And yes, it's cold.

Thanks for the link!!

I'm the baby sis of three Navy fellows including a Submariner.

Larry said...

I've taken showers like that, but in my case it wasn't turkey hunting season it was just business as usual on USS Forrestal.

Submariner, eh? What's long and hard and full of...OK, I'll behave (I was an airdale).

Thanks for dropping by Brigid, it is indeed an honor.