06 June 2009

Strolling Around the Net

I would like to introduce my newest blogroll addition, Gunslinger's Journal.

I happened upon Gunslinger's Journal through a post from Annie, and while I was there I read the list of definitions.

This one in particular caught my eye:

"Collaborators: This refers to the Liberal-Left anti-war, anti-American, anti-Bush boneheads who say things like "war never solved anything" and expose national security secrets, or support those who do; who pretend to be against terrorism, but don't want to profile young Muslim men; who go to foreign countries and bad-mouth America; who vow to leave America if Bush is elected, then don't; who believe that America is the problem and not the solution to the world's problems...at the same time they insist that America SOLVE all the world's problems, but only in ways that are not American; who are rich and fat and happy and blame the hard-working, struggling, productive Americans for making the rest of the world poor; who believe that morals are relative and non-binding for themselves, but gleefully point out in mock outrage the human failings of people with whom they disagree; who believe the First Amendment applies only to themselves; who believe that the Constitution is a set of suggestions, not the Law of the Land, and can be trampled, twisted, i.e. "interpreted" in any way that fits their agenda; who believe the framers and founders of America were evil white men, to whom they owe no debt of gratitude; who think that America is the worst country in the world but won't leave to go to that other place that is so much better...which they never exactly identify; who believe that America's success, prosperity and power are not the result of high principles, hard work, dedication, good ideas, faith and sacrifice, but luck, and theft; who believe that somehow it's the magical dirt of the land mass that is America that generates prosperity, technology, wealth and power, not the people and the culture; who would rather see America punished, blamed, battered and bloodied by the rest of the world than lift a finger to defend her; who would rather see America LOSE A WAR and American troops BLEED AND DIE than see George W. Bush succeed." (emphasis mine)

It reminded me of one of my earliest, and in my opinion still my best, post entitled "Peace".

As I stroll about Al Gore's Intertubes, I am reminded again and again of the inherent truthiness contained within that post.

I just wish I had the answer to the question of what to do about it.


The Gunslinger said...

It is always a treat to see one's words quoted in appreciation.

Thank you.

And your "Peace" post is absolutely right on the mark. And it applies as surely—perhaps more—today than the day you wrote it.

That is the sure hallmark of "truthiness"!

Good Show!

Larry said...

It never ceases to amaze me that people don't learn from their history. Perhaps it is because they don't learn their history to begin with.

At any rate, thanks for dropping by, I hope that my meanderings were at least a little bit enjoyable.