13 August 2010

I Need A Vacation

from my vacation. So far we have fixed three cars (including a clutch in the car belonging to the same nephew that was with me when I got my speeding ticket) and there are still a couple to go.

To prove that there are indeed Idiots Out Wandering Around in Iowa, my sister in law took her car in to have a squeaking noise in the front end. The tie rod ends were making the noise, so they drilled holes in the boots and pumped them full of grease.

Yes I did say holes in the boots.

Monday I take the Mustang to the closest Ford dealer (thirty miles away) to have the curbed wheel replaced. I have yet to catch up to my old high school chums, but I did manage to talk to one of their mothers so I have a number for one of them.

No one told me that vacation was so busy!

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