02 August 2010

This Day in History

338 BC - Battle of Chaeronea

216 BC - Battle of Cannae

1610 - Henry Hudson finds Hudson Bay while looking for the Northwest Passage

1790 - First US census

1903 - Fall of the Ottoman Empire

1905 - Myrna Loy is born

1937 - DuPont conspires with Congress to destroy the hemp industry

1943 - PT109 sinks

1990 - Iraq invades Kuwait

And forty-something years ago, I made my first appearance.

This year my son had a date with the girl in the picture while I went to work. How is that for a birthday present?


James said...

Happy Birthday, old man!

Larry said...

Thanks James!

Serenity said...

Me too!

Happy birthday!

Ok, my word verification is, no lie:


You can see how I'm reading that one. Right? Hilarious.

Larry said...

Yes I can see how you are reading that one, and yes it is high-larious.
Happy Birthday Serenity! Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


Larry said...

Thanks jw, and thanks for dropping by!

cary said...

Happy Birthday, Larry. Prayers that you have many more to celebrate, with the top down and screamin' along!

Moose1942 said...

Happy Birthday Larry,

Looks like some interesting things happened on your B-day.

Oh, nice lookin' wheels you've got there by the way!

Larry said...

Thanks Moose, and thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

Thanks Cary, just got to Iowa and rode with the top down most of the way (it rained on us Thursday afternoon).