15 February 2011

Concealed Carry Forums

I tried to register at carryconcealed.net and got bounced for being a spammer. When I attempted to contact them, apparently their computer system doesn't like the answer "John Moses Browning" for "Who invented the 1911" and I couldn't figure out what answer it wanted for "What is CCW" either. I'm thinking that's also the reason they tagged me for a spammer.

I was going to send them another message, but decided "to hell with it." At this point I'm thinking it's not worth the effort. That's a hell of a way to improve your membership.

So here's the deal for my gunny type readers out there, are there any concealed carry forums that are worth getting into, and what is the general opinion of USCCA? Worth the price of admission or no?

I could just troll the boards, I guess, but it's not as good if you can't ask questions.


DirtCrashr said...

I get bounced from some forums because of the gmail address. In the end I spend (waste?) less time at forums.

Larry said...

Spend less time on the intert00bies? Surely you jest! (I know, don't call you Shirley)
Thanks for dropping by DirtCrashr!