18 February 2011

Living With Women

Yesterday was beautiful, but today is going to be phenomenal with temps in the mid seventies. Topless weather for sure, and where better to be topless than on the Blue Ridge?

Youngest son and I loaded up the Firefly last night and went to Roanoke with the intent of driving the Blue Ridge, north this time towards the Shenandoah Valley. Of course we stopped off at Sister's for the night, she isn't at work today so she is coming along for the ride.

As I stepped into the shower this morning I was overwhelmed by the sheer femininity of it. Sister has two teen-aged daughters and poor Brother In Law is the lone male, living solo amongst all that fluffery. It's a wonder he still has his man-parts.

For Christmas this year I'm going to go to the man-store and buy Brother In Law shampoo that smells like gunsmoke, soap with lava in it that smells like motor oil baking on hot metal and will take the first layer of hide off, shaving cream that smells like race car exhaust, and after-shave that smells like wood smoke. That should hold him over until the girls go to college.

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