20 February 2011

The Teachers Are Revolting

My heart bleeds little pink polka-dots for them as our military works longer hours for less money per year with no three month break over the summer.

My heart bleeds little purple unicorns for them as they take a sick day and march, knowing that if I pulled any such nonsense as that I’d be looking for a job the very next day.

My heart bleeds baby blue lightning bolts for them while our children still can’t read and a large number of them graduate without being able to locate their home country, much less their home state, on a map of the world.

The sad thing is there are many talented and dedicated teachers in our schools, both public and private, that don't get the credit they deserve because their slacker co-workers are protected by the same union. One bad apple spoils the entire barrel, and there is a lot more than one bad apple in that particular barrel.

Fire all the slackers and replace them with returning veterans (Troops to Teachers Program). At least the vets are aware of what happens outside their own little insular world.

And by the way, while we are discussing who needs to be fired...

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