10 June 2011

Dear Judiciary II Committee Member;

Today I almost became a criminal.

It started innocently enough. I went to get my car washed, and since it was a nice day I ended up being a couple of cars back so I had some time to spend. I thought that I would go get something for lunch. The nearest restaurants were a Sonic fast food and an Olive Garden. Deciding that I wanted some pasta I walked over to the Olive Garden.

Just as I grabbed the door handle two things occurred to me. The first was that Olive Garden served wine, and the second was that, as is usual since I have a concealed weapon permit, I was carrying. Two steps is all that separated me from being a law abiding citizen and becoming a criminal.

I know that the intent of the law is not to keep law abiding people from enjoying a pasta meal, but that is the effect. Even though I had no intent of consuming alcohol (which is also prohibited while carrying) at the restaurant, the mere fact it was available prohibited me from entering.

At least the ice cream at the Sonic was good.

HB 111, "Handgun Permit Valid in Parks and Restaurants" has been stalled in your Committee since April. Please remember that our neighbors in Tennessee and Virginia have already passed essentially the same legislation. The "blood in the streets" fears of the anti-self defense crowd have failed to materialize. Don't you think that North Carolinians deserve the same measure of trust that citizens of these other states enjoy?

Statistics show that concealed handgun permit holders are among the most law abiding citizens in North Carolina. It's time to stop treating them as if they will suddenly start ignoring the law if they happen to be eating at the local Applebees. Calling a committee hearing for HB 111 is the right thing to do, so please do it immediately.

Larry P. Card
Franklinton NC

HT: An NC Gun Blog, who has been tirelessly tracking the legislation.

Added note: I have also now become a member of Grass Roots NC. Is this how one becomes an activist?

UPDATE: Wow, that was quick! H111 and H650 both get their hearings on Tuesday.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Ooh, nice letter. Good job.

Matt said...

Naturally had you gone in, some idiot would have somehow figured out you had one on you and caused a scene.

Larry said...

Thanks for keeping track of the legislation Sean, and thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

I don't know that anyone would have noticed, but when I had a chance to think about it I was shocked at how easy it would have been to violate the law, and how close I came to unintentionally doing so.
Thanks for dropping by Matt!

Matt said...

Yes, its never good to temp fate, so of course you did the right thing.

Larry said...

I sure was looking forward to some pasta though.
Thanks for dropping by Matt!

James said...

Hopefully we can get this passed. I sent my own letter earlier in the week, although it was not nearly as well-written as yours. You're adapting to the dark side well, my friend. :)

Larry said...

I have learned well, Dark Lord. ;)
Thanks for dropping by James!

Quizikle said...

Re: "Grass Roots NC"

So are you going to run for office in 2012 or wait until 2014?


Larry said...

Ha! There are many reasons I am un-electable.
Thanks for dropping by Q!