11 June 2011



Definition II:

Doubling down on dicknose.

Definition III:

Full of win.

Yes, I am just trolling about the interwebtubies today, why do you ask?


LC Aggie Sith said...

Randomness always pays off. Trust me :)

Larry said...

Yes, it is interesting to see where random linky clickiness will take you.
Thanks for dropping by Aggie!

PBJdreamer said...

YEAH I am so happy to be able to leave comments again--

and by the way? This was a great post, I enjoyed your titles and then clicking through.

I am glad it got fixed in the long run but I don't understand what motivates people to act that way?


that is all

Larry said...

Some people are just jerks.

Thanks for dropping by PBJ, glad to see you can make comments again!