03 June 2011

Essential Personnel

Youngest Son and I are in Florida. We are traveling to Bushnell today to lay flowers for Laura and her mother.

A couple of months ago I conceived of this trip, and had originally planned to make it alone and un-announced. Flying without a flight plan, as it were - which is completely legal, by the way, as long as you don't cross any international borders. I was just going to jump in the car and hit the road, leave the cell phone off, take the computer and check my messages when I got to the hotel.

Many years ago (a bit over seventeen and a half, to be precise) I might have been able to get away with this, but those days are long past. These days my kids would have the National Guard out looking for me (oh, look...helicopters!) before I even cleared the NC/SC border.

Back in the days when I could have done such a thing I had no attachments closer than a half-continent away; all the family I had was in Iowa and I didn't have to make a set schedule or check in with anyone. These days I have to plan my trip in advance (this one was only a day's notice, so it's not all that bad) so that those along my route can arrange for visits and keep track of me so I don't get lost.

I was planning on stopping in to see Pop all along, but I didn't plan on going through Jacksonville so I wasn't going to stop at Eldest Daughters. When I plotted the course, however, I saw that the shortest line between Raleigh NC and Bushnell FL goes right through Jacksonville, so I had to stop in and say hello at least.

As far as going alone, that wasn't going to work for one reason - Youngest Son. He stays with Sis for the week since she is also his school teacher, but on the weekend he comes home. She would have kept him for the weekend I'm sure, but it wouldn't have been fair to her. No doubt he would have been upset with it as well.

It's funny how we complicate our lives as time goes on. It grows out of the desire to make a lasting impression on the world, I guess. I complain about it, but it's nice having people to care about me.


Quizikle said...

It gets easier after a while, doesn't it? The way getting used to having your arm amputated gets easier after a while..
But it never EVER goes away.

I started reading your blog about that time. I'd like to say I feel for you, but no one can feel this pain for another.

My best wishes go out to you though... and I still enjoy reading your writings

Larry said...

I don't know if it's easier so much as you become accustomed to it. But no, it never goes away.
Thanks for your continued patronage Q!

Anniee451 said...

One thing we all know, pain HURTS. :( And yeah, many of them never do go away.

But before you beat me to it I was going to say that it is nice having people who love you. I'm very glad you have them.

Traveling mercies to you both.

Larry said...

Thanks Anniee.

LC Aggie Sith said...

Yes, it is very nice, even though I have to announce where I am at all times in this house.

I can't even go to the bathroom without letting a kid know where I am ;)

Larry said...

Between kids and dogs it's a wonder I get to take a shower alone. The dog does curl up on the rug and wait for me, but at least he doesn't get in with me.
Thanks for dropping by Aggie!