24 May 2012

Lost Days

So yesterday morning I went to a shooting.

No, not that kind of a shooting. The kind where a camera crew comes out and films while you do something - in this case, a car show - in the background so the stars of the show can do what they do. Don't ask, I signed a non-disclosure agreement, but I'll surely let you know where and when to see my little Firefly in all her blazing red glory - if they even use that footage - when they tell me.
Side note...reality shows aren't real? Seriously? Another illusion shattered...next thing you'll tell me is TV wrestling isn't real either...

Having worked all night the night before I was a bit sleepy when I finally got home yesterday afternoon. I went and had a bit of shut-eye and woke up a few hours ago. Good thing the world didn't end yesterday evening or I'd have missed it.

And if you are in the Carolinas and have a hankering for a nice classic automobile you should really check out
East Coast Classic Cars. I saw an early 70's convertible in blue with silver Mach 1 stripes there that I would love to add to the collection, if I were well set up enough to have a collection.

The first pic is a Triumph TR-10 pickup. There is also a sedan, a station wagon and a delivery van. The owner of this little truck has the other three as well. Very interesting collection to say the least.

The last picture is for Brigid.


agirlandhergun said...


Glad you didn't miss the end of the world:)

Larry said...

Me, too. That would have been embarrassing!

Thanks for dropping by AGirl!