31 May 2013

Let The Fun Begin

Boy and I landed in NoVa around noon and got checked in early, then went to get something to eat. Afterwards we took a quick look around and then settled in for a few hours before meeting the crowd for dinner.

As I pulled up to the restaurant I mentioned that, having never met any of these folks before, I really didn't know how I was going to recognize any of them. About that time I noticed the Dodge 4x4 with the Massachusetts plates and suddenly I knew how I was going to know where everyone was.

I can now say that I am not the only person on the planet that doesn't know Old NFO, so that mission at least is accomplished. I can also place faces to names for Bubblehead Les, Dr. Mike and of course the infamous and previously mentioned Massachusetts Madman himself.

We had a bit of pasta, discussed plumbing issues, had a little birthday party, and then went to the home of Our Lovely Hostess for a show-what-ye-brung. I think for sheer numbers JayG wins, which is why he said he didn't bring his convertible (as he admired mine, and dammit I really need to get my FXR running again). We also formulated a plan for setting up the range and repairing the aforementioned plumbing issues, then started the BS session. These folks have lived interesting lives.

We will be up early for a 9 AM muster to put the plans in action (remember what they say about plans and first contact), so I'm off to bed. I'll make an after action report in the morning.


Keads said...

Excellent! Glad you arrived and most important, have fun!

Keads said...

Oh, I'm jealous of the show what you brought meeting. Sigh.....

MSgt B said...


I really wanted to make it up there for that.

RabidAlien said...

Sounds like a blast! Lookin forward to the AAR!

(and now I'M the only person who hasn't met OldNFO, apparently)

Larry said...

Keads, we had a great time, and yes the show-and-tell was a lot of fun.

MSgtB, I'm disappointed you didn't make it as well, we had Navy, Army and Marines so Air Force was under-represented (as in, not at all).

RA, the AAR is in the works even as I type, and I'm surprised I wasn't the only one. He knows a lot of people.

Thanks for dropping by!