03 May 2013

What The Hell

have I been doing lately, you might have wondered, and why the lack of posting?

I can't blame the weather this time, it's been uniformly crappy since Sunday. I'll blame work instead.

Last Friday I went to help Range Partner put outside doors in his house. Just so you know, ready-to-install doors aren't so much, especially when you are talking about a 50+ year old brick house. Fortunately it didn't take a lot to make them ready-to-install, but the craftmanship in the door frames left a bit to be desired. Nothing that can't be corrected, just a PITA to have to do it.

The front door will take a bit more work to make it weather-tight, but the back door went fairly well, at least it went fairly well after we got the old one out. The frame on the back door wasn't as sturdy as the frame on the front door, so the previous owner had used a lot of screws and some kind of caulk/weatherstrip/glue that pulled the brick off in places when we tried to take it out. Range Partner fastened them both in with many substantial screws, so any home intruder would have to be very determined to get in...not that it would do any good. I don't refer to him as "Range Partner" for no reason, after all (this is the guy that carries a gun chambered in a caliber suitable for truck engines).

After that I put the top down and headed to Fort Mills, SC to join the Carolina Chapter of the Mustang Forums for a car show to benefit Gaston County Hospice at Pro Dyno. Friday's trip down was in the sunshine and very agreeable, but Saturday was cloudy all day and the rain started about the time we were handing out the awards and wrapping everything up.

Side note here, I'm not as good about washing the car as I once was, when I first got it I would wash it two or three times a week. Two years dealing with the pollen storm every spring has pretty much broken me of that, now I figure that clean is for those who don't drive them.  I told you that so I can say this, at two of our Mustang Forums events I've bought drawing tickets, and both of the events I won cleaning supplies. Who says God doesn't have a sick and twisted sense of humor?

Anyway, about halfway home Saturday the clouds and rain were gone so I was able to put the top back down for the last half of the trip. By the time to go to work Sunday the clouds had caught back up, and regardless of the weatherman's foul lies prediction that they would be gone and the sunshine would return by Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday afternoon I haven't seen the light in a week. Maybe today though, the clouds cleared off just after sunset last night.

This weekend the Heart of Carolina Mustang Club is having their spring display at Crossroads Ford in Cary, but I won't be there. The company I work for has determined that everyone needs to do at least one day of overtime per pay period, and I've elected to do mine on my short weekends (so I don't mess up my 4 day weekends). Unfortunately since I've had things scheduled for Thursdays I couldn't work those days, so I've been taking Fridays...which is right dead in the middle of that 3 day weekend, which pretty much ruins the whole damn weekend for me, hence the dearth of postings lately.

Next weekend is the Heart of Carolina Car Show, and then I'll be taking a couple of weeks of vacation before I lose them. I'm not planning on going anywhere, so maybe I'll get a chance to relax.

Yeah, right. Look for the flying monkeys, but word of advice...don't smell them cause you won't like where they've been.

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