26 May 2013

Sunday Morning Coffee

Might as well, since I'm up anyway.

Title idea shamelessly stolen from MSgt B (and I might have stolen the picture from him as well, can't say that I remember for certain).

This got me thinking the other day. I have had the great fortune to have won the love of a few good women (and a few not-so-good IYKWIM, I will leave it to the reader to decide which is better), and if I never have another I guess I have had my share.

Not my fill, you understand, but perhaps my share.

Have a great day!


MSgt B said...


Nope. You didn't get that one from me...

Thanks, Bro.

Larry said...

Well then, you can get it from me!

Thanks for stopping by MSgt B.

RabidAlien said...

Thanks......needed a nice visual today. Turning out to be a hell day.

Jennifer said...

Something I wrote got you thinking? That's the best compliment you could give.

Larry said...

RA, glad to be of assistance. Jennifer, many things you write bring thoughts to mind.

Thanks for dropping by!

diehardpete said...

Sorry to intrude on your private space here. I just wanted to say, I understand what you're saying about having had your share of beautiful women, "Not my fill mind you", just my share. That is hilarious, and exactly my sentiment.
I appreciate that humor more than you know. When one leaves the military especially after a long stint the loss of excitement, camaraderie, and wild unrestricted humor is a serious loss, very painful. When transitioning to civilian life, usually a more mundane existence is difficult primarily for these issues. You have to find a way to stay engaged at a high adrenaline level without hurting yourself, or anyone else. That's a tough thing to do when you've been surrounded by warriors for years. I recommend taking up painting of beautiful women. Like the one on the web site . Holy home runs Batman she is sizzlin." I intend to do an oil of her immediately. You sure as hell have good taste in women I can see that. Don't think of your life as loosing old comrades but seeking new ones in a mature constructive way.
You can still laugh and muse about your day of ultra sexism, like old James Bond movies. That doesn't mean you have to be a hound dog in heat. After all you're not 20 anymore. Thanks for the picture she is firkin hotter than phosphorous

Larry said...

That's what the comments section is for pete, thanks for dropping by!