15 June 2013

Range Day

Boy and I met Range Partner this morning after breakfast to spend some quality time making smoke and noise. Along for the ride were the two .22 rifles to be bullseye sighted (as opposed to pretty good sighted which is what they were). Also along for the ride were my freshly re-crimped reloads that had been tested good on the reloading bench with the Glock barrel.

The .22 shooting went well, about 30 rounds through each from the bench rest had them hitting bullseyes right where they were aimed. I shot eight of my reloads through the Glock without any problems, and then they wouldn't go into battery again. I stripped the gun and checked the reloads through the barrel and it was like I had never run them back through the crimp die. The 100 factory loads I brought chambered fine.

I shot the 100 rounds of factory ammo for the badly needed practice and then we finished up the day with the .22's at 25 yards, Boy on the scoped Model 60 and me on the iron-sighted Model 795. He had been bragging on his shooting prowess, so I made him a challenge; each of us would shoot 30 rounds and then we would check the targets and see who was better.

30 rounds later and it was pretty clear the old man still had it. We swapped rifles and repeated the challenge with the same results. After that I didn't have to hear about what a great shot he was any more. He shot his last 25 rounds through the Hi-Standard and I shot my last 25 through the 795, and that finished off one of the two boxes of ammo that I had picked up on Friday morning.

After the shooting was over we packed up and headed over to one of the Mustang Forums members houses to help with a header install on his '12 Mustang. The day was finished up with a ride to the shoe store to get another pair of Converses for Boy who had out-grown the ones he was wearing. I was shocked to see that the shoes that Mom bought for me because they were cheap weren't so much anymore; I guess that's what happens when they get featured in a Will Smith movie.

All in all a pretty good day.

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