14 June 2013

Up And Around

I was out the door early today, the box store down the street from where I work was supposed to have .22 ammo in stock this AM. I got there a little before 7 and there were four boxes, I got two of them and the guy right behind me got the other two.

The Subaru got it's new lights today.

At first I thought the new light lenses were flatter, but when I got them out and side by side it turns out they are an exact match.

I had to use the old brackets because the bolt that holds them to the bumper cover on the new ones has a taper, which was just enough to keep the retaining nut from threading on. If it hadn't been for that (and if I wasn't such a perfectionist for it to make a difference) they would have been exact replacements.

Darn that auto-focus, it's not a good picture of the bolts, but you can see the issue. It turns out OK though because I liked the original wiring harness better and the original brackets seemed to be made of sterner stuff than the replacements.

The covers went right on as well, so everything is as it should be.

And now, with that done, the rest of the day is free. It's sunny and warm, and I have this convertible...


MSgt B said...

Why do you keep messing with that beast?

Kill it!

Kill it with FIRE!

Larry said...

That is an award-winning auto-mochine I'll have you know, and I'll thank you to mind your man...

oh...sorry, forgot who I was talking to...

Thanks for dropping by MSgt B!