20 December 2013

Dear Santa

For Christmas this year I would like .22 long rifle ammo. I have been very good sort of good depends on your definition of good never mind how I've been fat man, just deliver the goods and no one gets hurt.

Your friend,
blah blah blah

UPDATE: My ammo order has been pushed from December 31st to the end of June.

Hey, I warned you. Now things have gotta get ugly...



eiaftinfo said...

And remember there's always Reindeer Jerkey - which ain't bad actually. They have had some reasonable deals on .22LR on LuckyGunner lately. Have not sent money their way receintly, but my supply is dwindeling!

Merry Christmas sir! Enjoy the holidays!


Larry said...


Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Bill, thanks for dropping by!