14 December 2013


I'm a subscriber to the Grass Roots North Carolina's E-mailed Gun Blast newsletter, and one of the features therein is the latest quotable quote from the anti-gun crowd, called squibs. This episode's squib comes to you courtesy of National Gun Victims Action Council, and says "Merry Christmas, North Carolinians! Thanks to laws passed this summer which just went into effect this month, the guy sitting in the bar next to you can carry a concealed firearm. Don’t piss him off."

This sounds like good advice regardless of if the guy next to you is armed or not. The famous and oft-repeated Heinlein quote is "an armed society is a polite society" but I oftentimes think that if we had a more polite society we wouldn't have as much need for an armed one.

Which leads me to the famous and oft-repeated (well, if it isn't it should be) GEN James Mattis, USMC (ret) quote, "be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

Merry Christmas everyone. Remember to be polite.


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RabidAlien said...

Went to the mall today (ran back to my truck when I saw that there were no Texas 30.06 signs posted, so I was able to be polite!). Lots of people, and for the most part everyone tried to avoid bumping into everyone else. But I can't help comparing any crowd I'm in to the crowds at a gun show....bump into someone, and you may very well end up in a conversation with them! At the very least, you'll get an "oh, I'm sorry, are you okay?" Not so at any other public venue. Usually its just a muttered "'scuse me."

Robert Fowler said...

"Mad Dog" Mattis. A Marines Marine. He needs to be President.