17 December 2013


Apparently we haz one.

You see, it's NC Governor Pat McCrory's 25th anniversary, and for this special occasion he's taking his lady somewhere nice and leaving the LT Governor in charge.

Somewhere nice is apparently other than NC, since the LTG is in charge, and that's where the kerfuffle is. Our chattering class here is aghast that he wouldn't spend his vacation in North Carolina, after all we have nice places, too.

I don't see what the problem is, after all it's Christmas and the legislature isn't in session anyway so it's not like he has something really really important to do...other than celebrate his 25th anniversary with the woman that has put up with him that long, that is.

Besides, if it were me I'd be out of state even if I was in-state IYKWIMAITYD.

I guess if that's all they have to complain about everything must be going pretty good.

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