05 January 2014

Fool's Advice

I posted this on the Book of Faces a while ago, but the event of my parent's 50th anniversary gave me the chance to see and talk to a lot of people whom I haven't seen in quite some time. This of course leads to the inevitable "if only I had..." conversations. There are many things that I, too, wish that I had done...or maybe not done in some instances.

Don't settle. Strive for excellence in all things. If you find it necessary to do something, put all you have into it. Whatever you are doing at any particular time, do it to your utmost ability...but remember that what is important right now may not be important later, and some things that you think are so critical right now...don't mean a thing in the end. Plan accordingly. Welcome change, wrestle it to the ground and make it yours.

Two things, gentlemen, that will always be important, no matter what you are doing right now, is to be the best husband you can be to that lady in your life, and be the best father you can be to your kids, because time is fleeting and every instant is here and then gone never to return, but those two things will always be the most important things you will ever do.

And last, but not least...don't be afraid. If even the worst thing that you can imagine happening happens you will either survive it in which case you will have a chance to make up for it, or you won't in which case you have nothing more to worry about. It is much better to live with scars than regrets, because no matter how painful the wound the scar is always a good story, but the regrets are painful forever.

I have not always lived up to my ideals, and I have the regrets to prove it. Learn from my regrets, and when the chance comes up...go for the scars instead.

A fool's advice indeed, from the biggest one of us that has ever lived.

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