24 January 2014


If you have a Blogspot blog and you use Avast antivirus with your Firefox browser you have no doubt noticed that your Blogger navbar is missing. Depending on your preferences you may or may not be bothered by this, but since I generally find it to be somewhat useful it did bother me a bit.

The latest incarnation of Avast is the problem. If you open your blog in Firefox you will see, in the upper right hand corner, a green circle-ish device with a number in an orange square. Click on that and it will give you details about the site security. The first thing on the list is Social Networks. Click on that and allow Google, this will bring your navbar back.

It's not like they aren't tracking you anyway, and it's just for Blogspot. It still blocks social networks on every other tab you open as well as on every other site you open on the same tab you opened your blog with, even other Blogspot blogs.

I ordered a motherboard for the dearly departed Acer, it should be getting here Tuesday. It has been completely disassembled and if the electron gods smile on me I'll be able to reassemble it with the new motherboard and resurrect the old laptop. This is being done purely on an experimental basis, I don't really need it but the motherboard cost me less than a steak dinner so I figured I'd try it. The worst that can happen is it doesn't work, in which case I'm no worse off than I was before. Maybe I can even get the webcam to work...that would be nice.

Continued futzing with the new computer reveals more things that I did different with the desktop than I did with the laptop, contrary to what I believed before I did sign the desktop up with my Windows Live account. I just disabled the password requirement on waking. Also, making the laptop never sleep when it was plugged in got me past the whole having to wake the damn thing and then bring up my desktop. I'm still not thrilled with Windows 8, but I liked 7 the brief time I worked with it.

Computers are supposed to make your life easier...

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