28 March 2009

The Gauntlet Is Thrown

There has been the stories circulating about the flight attendant who asked a plane full of people if anyone knew even one of the five Medal of Honor awardees from the Long War.

One man knew one name.

By way of the Major comes this challenge. See what you can do with it.

And for the record, these are the five MoH awardees:

SFC Paul R. Smith, US Army
Lt Micheal Murphy, US Navy SEAL
MA2 Micheal Monsoor, US Navy SEAL
CPL Jason Dunham, USMC
PFC Ross McGinnis, US Army

Remember them.

And while we're at it, let's not forget our allies in this fight. These gents have been awarded the Victorian Cross by their respective governments. The VC is their equivalent to our MoH.

Pte Johnson Gideon Beharry, British Army
Trooper Mark Donaldson, Australian Army

Hand salute to Crunchie at the Rott.

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