03 March 2009

Next Stop

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch!

In an exchange between Megyn Kelly and AZ Rep Trent Franks during an interview on Fox News, Kelly revealed that a high-speed rail project included in the porkulus bill would run from Anaheim CA to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

This allegation proves to be false, but I thought it was funny.

There have been stories regarding a high-speed rail project between Anaheim CA and Las Vegas NV, but this project had not been tied to the brothel, located 6 miles from Carson City, until now.

The actual project alluded to is the restoration of a bridge on the historic Virginia & Truckee Railroad, now a tourist line that runs from Carson City to Gold Hill, NV.

In Ms. Kelly's defense, she does say that there is no specific line-item for the proposed high-speed rail project between Anaheim CA and Las Vegas NV, and does not mention the V&T rail project at all. She does, however, make the mistake of tying the two projects together.

Rep Franks, on the other hand, talks about the issue as if it were actually a single project.

I don't expect this to stop the mockery. Kelly is a professional talking head and Franks is a Representative, so both of them should know better than to discuss something that they should have each independently investigated. To not have done so makes them appear as foolish as their individual detractors wish to portray them.

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