23 March 2009

Musings Of A Cajun

Mostly Cajun has a piece up that I really must pass on, not really because of the subject matter (although that's a good reason to read the whole piece) but how he explains it in the opening. To wit:

"I used to be a bit sensitive about the use of “offensive” language on this blog. After all, my kids read it. but my kids are now 18 & 15, and I’m pretty sure they’ve heard just about any word that might pop up here, although they might not realize that their dad, nine years in the army and 32 years in heavy industry, just might not only know those same words himself, but had, in the course of life, strung said words together in colorful expressions befitting widely differing situations and emotions."

Having served with Marines on and off over a 20 year career, I have to say that I have at times been in a position to observe "colorful expressions befitting widely differing situations and emotions." There have been, as well, CPO's and First Class Petty Officers who were likewise masters of the craft, as well as more than a few junior enlisted that showed a fair degree of promise. I have, at all times and with varying degrees of success, tried to prevent such expressionism from coming home with me off-shift so as not to have to answer interesting questions from the kid's teachers regarding vocabulary.

So far the all time master has to be a certain Marine Staff Sergeant who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. This man was such an experienced practitioner of invective that he demonstrated, on more than one occasion, a capability to speak for at least five minutes if not longer, never using the same phrase twice (although he may have used the same words in differing order), and never leaving any doubt as to the subject on which he spake, including but not limited to the person or personages involved, their dubious parentage, their dubious genus, their dubious genius, the inappropriateness of their actions and the unfortunate possible natures of their demises should he be witness to the inappropriate actions a second time.

I was shocked, shocked I tell ya, that the fine upstanding young men of our armed forces should ever use such language.

Hah. Now about that bridge...

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