14 March 2009

The More Things Change

The more they stay the same.

What's funny about this is the rancor from the Left when President Bush said the Federal Gubmint would no longer pony up the money for stem cell research on new lines, that only existing lines would be financed.

From the howling you would have thought Bush had said the Government was outlawing all stem cell research, period. But, what he actually said is that there would be no new money for any research involving new lines, which requires human embryos to be created specifically for destruction. Research using existing lines was still funded at the previous levels. Of course this little factoid was overlooked, and Bush got no credit for it at all.

Now along comes media darling President Barack Obama, who signs an executive order that lifts the Bush executive order banning the creation of new lines. The heavens open, the light shines down upon all of us, Micheal J. Fox is miraculously cured (not really, but to listen to him talk when Bush signed the original executive order you would have thought he was sentenced to death upon the morrow) and The Anointed One takes his place at the right hand of God, having restored Science to it's previously exalted place within the firmaments.

On Wednesday the ban is back without fanfare. Just another one of the Bush policies that Obama has kept in place after making noise like he was going to change it, just another one of the formerly Bush policies that were horrible in the eyes of Fifth Column...pardon me, Fifth Estate...that now, since they are Obama policies, aren't so bad any more.

For some reason I am reminded of all the times I told myself "I'm never going to do that to my kids!" whenever my parents did something that I didn't like, and catching myself doing the exact same things to my own kids. They made a whole lot more sense later on when I understood them than they did way back then.

Hat tip to Ace O' Spades, and through them to Small Dead Animals.

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