25 November 2011

The Day After

I was up early today after all the napping yesterday.

Believe it or not, I'm cooking a turkey.

Son-In-Law and Middle Daughter went and got all the fixin's for a turkey with stuffing but we ended up going out for Thanksgiving dinner/supper.  That means we don't have leftovers, and Son-In-Law was bemoaning the fact that we wouldn't have turkey for sandwiches and such.

Since the bird has been in the fridge and not the freezer he is all thawed out. That means he has to be cooked before he goes bad, he can't be re-frozen and saved for Christmas. I'm not doing anything today, I have a whole slew of shows on the DVR that I haven't watched, so Mr. Tom will bake merrily away while I catch up on zombies and Sanctuaries, with a helping of Hell On Wheels thrown in for good measure.

So, I have pies on the table and a turkey in the oven, and it feels somehow like I've lost a day...


cmblake6 said...

Check http://butterballturkeyfryer.com I think you might find that novel.

Da Curly Wolf said...

heh..leftovers were my breakfast. shredded turkey omlette with cheese, jalapenos and sour cream. :)

Larry said...

I've always wanted to try a fried turkey.
The omelet sounds great, maybe tomorrow since I'll have some leftover turkey by then.
Thanks for dropping by!