18 November 2011

National Ammo Day

Saturday is National Ammo Day.

Graf's has 6.5x50 Japanese for $21.99/box of 20 (PCI).

I'm out of 6.5x50.

Looks like I'll be ordering some on Saturday. I'll shell out for 100 rounds, it's about all I can afford this close to Christmas. If it isn't enough to make Sarah Brady cry I hope it's at least enough to make her rub her eyes a time or two.

I really have to find someone to reload this for me. A quick round of calculations shows that I can get everything I need to reload the brass (if I have it) for about 35 cents a round as opposed to the buck ten a round to buy it new, 87 cents if I have to pony up for the brass, using each case four times averages out to about 47 cents per round.

Of course the "someone to reload this for me" will tell me that I should get a reloading rig of my own. If I had known this hobby was going to get so expensive I would have stuck to model trains.


James said...

Yeah, you should get your own setup, but if you will pay for the hardware (dies, case trimmer, etc.), I'll happily reload it for you, schedule permitting. If I load it light enough, you might be able to get double your estimated case life.

Oh, and although interesting and fun, model trains are unlikely to help you defend yourself against the bad people out there.

Larry said...

How did I know this was going to happen? ;)
The dies are relatively inexpensive, but I haven't checked on the case trimmer. I really have not much of an idea just what is needed.
I trust things are still going well with the new family.
Thanks for dropping by James!

Quizikle said...

I didn't know you had a site on RRs...

Now bookmarked.

Larry said...

I don't post there very often, mostly because there isn't much going on at the moment in my little N scale world.
Thanks for dropping by!