25 January 2012

Getting Older

It ain't fer sissies.

Somebody please tell me how I get tennis elbow when I've never played the game? And in both elbows? Really?

And what's up with the carpal tunnel? And how do I get heel spurs all of a sudden when I've never had any problems before?

At least the knees I can understand. Old war injuries (got old and war out).

Wah wah wah. I'm going to bed.


Stephen said...

This morning I feel like the old man I am...I understand, it sure sneaks up on 'ya, doesn't it.

Larry said...

Hits you like a sack of hammers. I'm feeling better after a good nights (days?) sleep.
Thanks for dropping by Stephen!

Laura said...


Larry said...

That's probably next.
Thanks for dropping by Laura!