14 January 2012

Self Inflicted Wounds

If you have an internet based business, and your business has anything to do with guns, you are going to attract the attentions of gun bloggers, big and small.

Some of these gun bloggers may buy your goods or try your services out and write reviews on them. Some might request samples for this purpose, but the ones that I know will purchase the goods or services themselves so that they can write neutral reviews without alienating the suppliers or running afoul of .gov regulations.

If this is your business model you would probably do well not to irritate the very people that can make or break you, lest they turn you into an object lesson (or an internet verb).

And for the record, I've checked out GunsAmerica a time or two, and what I've seen gave me the opinion that almost everything they have is priced 2-3 times their value. I've always been able to find the same items at better prices elsewhere.

HT: George and Bob Owens


Da Curly Wolf said...

I sent this link to miguel and he may comment on it but...I think the person responsible for this abortion of a lever action rifle is in dire need of a beating, and any number of broken bones. As a commenter elsewhere noted...Marketing should have had a conniption when presented with this....thing.

Larry said...

I agree. The beatings shall commence immediately. Lever actions should be blued (not parkerized) and should proudly wear American walnut furniture.
Thanks for dropping by CW!