17 January 2012

A Good Beginning

No, not 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the Atlantic, but almost as good.

Yesterday night Eldest Son called me at work. That in itself is not so unusual, but the fact he called on the work phone instead of my personal phone is.  When I checked my personal phone I had no display, so I thought the phone was dead.

I charged it, but still had no display. That wasn't good, the phone still worked (I had Middle Daughter call to make sure) and it synched to the car, but I had no display. So, I got up early today and went off to the cell phone store.

First off I was due for an upgrade, so I could get a phone at the discounted price. I'm not in for the "smart phones" because I'm just not that attached to my cellular device, I need it to make phone calls and that's about it. The basic phone, a carrying case for it, and out the door I went.

The cell phone store took care of the rebates and I was able to charge it to my account since I have a huge surplus. I don't even look at the bill, I just web-pay $200 every payday (all the kids phones are on my plan as well as the laptop card) and forget about it. I have enough credit on it that I won't be paying a phone bill for a month or so; all that can go to the travel expenses on my credit card instead. But I digress.

At any rate, in and out relatively painless, and now I have a phone that works and I can see the display on it. Plus, it's in the middle sixties today so I was able to drive down to the phone store and back with the top down, and any day I can drive topless is a good one.

So, a pretty good beginning to my day.


Stephen said...

Here I am with a Blackberry on my belt...hangs his head in shame as he walks to stand in corner of the room.

Larry said...

Nothing to be ashamed of, I just don't want a phone that is smarter than me. ;)
Thanks for dropping by Stephen!

Mike Mendez said...

Any excuse to go topless is a good one!

Larry said...

Yes indeed!
Thanks for dropping by Mike!