16 July 2013


We don't  need no steenking bodges!

In an effort to further irritate certain people (not really but it will probably have that effect) I've ordered one of these.

The four tabs I've chosen are: camping, fishing, military and 100K miles. In another 45K I'll order the 200K mile tab.

I also suggested a shooting sports tab, but truthfully I don't expect anything to come of that.

When it comes in I'll take some pics.


MSgt B said...

Oh Yeah.
It worked.

Ha Ha. Just paint it black and put a flame job on it.
Anything but that banana-boat yellow.

Larry said...

I suppose it won't help to tell you that I picked it out because of the color, which was specifically blended for the Baja. It's called Baja Yellow.

Could have been worse, could have been Baby Sh!t Green.