27 July 2013


This came in today:

I think it goes pretty well with the back window stickers, don't you?

Also, I have verified that both of my new downhill neighbors are not only shooters, but he is also a member of the Mosin Militia. I'll have to invite him and his wife out to the Triangle Open Carry meetups.

That's worth knowing.


RabidAlien said...

Awesome! Love the Coexist sticker, need to pick one up for my truck. Can't put a "retired' sticker on mine, since I only did one 6-year hitch, but I do have several USN stickers!

Fair winds and following seas!

Larry said...

You can get the Coexist stickers every once in a while but sooner or later wherever you get it pulls it because it uses logos (and someone gets butthurt is my guess).

They get you one enlistment at a time, you know. They got me with AVI-C7 and an SRB and then before you know it I had 12 years in so I just finished it out.

Thanks for dropping by!

Home on the Range said...

Love the stickers!

Larry said...

I have to say the "Coexist" sticker is my favorite, but I'm pretty fond of my USN-Ret sticker as well.

Thanks for dropping by Brigid!