12 July 2013

New Computer

The old one is completely dead. I have disconnected everything that I had previously connected, including a second hard drive, external hard drive and video card. At this point it was completely returned to its as-delivered configuration. Any time it would attempt to boot I would get a hardware failure. Reloading the hard drive did no good, so I swapped in a completely different hard drive and got the same exact failure. Prognosis...it was old and needed to be replaced anyway.

Off to the computer store I went. I settled on a Lenovo H430 but I put my wireless keyboard and mouse on instead of the supplied wired units. I thought at first it had an internal wireless card, but if it does I don't know how to turn it on. No biggie, the wireless adapter I had works just fine. Twice the RAM as the old unit, 1 TB HDD and a 3.4G clock gives me a lot more bang than the old one, and for less than 4 bills.

It'll do I guess.


RabidAlien said...


Sounds like maybe the mobo was going TangoUniform on your old one. Hope the new one works out better for you!

Larry said...

Seems to be. I even got the adapters so I could pull my data off the old hard drives (I had two). The old drives are IDA, the new machine is all SATA.

Bad news, the format worked as advertised on the old C drive, so there's nothing there. More bad news, my own personal D drive won't mount.

Good thing I have automatic backup set up on my external hard drive.

Thanks for dropping by!