13 March 2014

A Question

Do we, as free American citizens, have the right to defend ourselves against criminal actions by invaders of our own homes?

What if those doing the invading have the sanction of the State?

I am watching these shenanigans happening in Connecticut and now they are happening in a couple of other places as well (New York, for example).

(Note: It would serve lawmakers well to remember that the American Revolution started in the New England states over government attempts to seize privately owned weaponry, and while such sentiments seem to have been squashed out of most of the residents there it doesn't appear to be gone altogether. This pleases me.)

I am hopeful that calmer and cooler heads will recognize that, much like the 55 mph speed limit, Americans will ignore laws they don't feel are good ones.

I fear, however, that the point will have to be made by bloodshed.

Lawmakers would do well to recognize that "don't want to" doesn't mean "won't" but given their amazing ability to ignore every bit of evidence around them I'm not sanguine about the prospect.


Anonymous said...

I believe we have the right.

I truly hope you are wrong about the bloodshed.


Larry said...

Believe me gfa, I would like nothing better than to be wrong about that.

Robert Fowler said...

Since the politicians names and addresses have been published in multiple places, groups of 4 or 5 gun owners should get together in each district, go to their politicians home (unarmed) and knock on the door. Just a friendly visit to say “Hi” and we know where you live. Put the fear that God gave us into them and see some results.

Larry said...

Or maybe just a quick little demonstration in the street out front for a half hour or so...