27 March 2014

That's Better


I slept in late, then went to lunch with a bunch of morons, then went and put some holes in things with some goth chick.

Yes, I got to shoot The Mosin.

Tomorrow I get to go tell Pop what I know about his new friends, and then I imagine he won't want to talk to me for a while. Since I can't do anything else, my hope is that he will decide to act on the information I give him and get himself away from these people.

And then I get to make the long drive back home and get back to work.


Robert Fowler said...

You got to shoot the Mosin. You lucky dog.

Larry said...

It was pretty cool. :D

Erin Palette said...

I'm honestly surprised that The Visual Offense Against Good Design has acquired archetype status and has become known as "The Mosin." I really thought that the Sub-2000 was the bigger draw.

Is it appealing because Oleg took pictures of it? Or has it become some kind of ur-Bubba?

Larry said...

I just like what you've done with it.

Pro tip: when shooting the Sub-2000, operate the cocking lever with your RIGHT hand. This PSA brought to you by Band-Aid brand bandages. :D

Erin Palette said...

I feel terrible that Kelly bit you like that! And I have no idea how it happened, either, as I've been working that handle with my left hand for years and haven't had a problem. :(

Larry said...

Terminal case of not paying attention to where I put my fingers, I guess.

That's a fun little gun though. Thanks for letting me try it out!