07 March 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Freezing rain today, it started at noon yesterday and is forecast to continue on through the day with temperatures only climbing to the high 30's. I get to drive to work in it, oh joy.

The power just went out about fifteen minutes ago, no doubt due to ice on the lines. I have a lantern for light and the phone has internet and communication, not to mention Kindle to keep me amused.

Shame it can't do laundry.

PS. I am thoroughly sick of winter now.

UPDATE: I decided round about six thirty that I wanted some coffee. However, with the power out the stove doesn't work. No problems, I have a camp stove and a camp stove coffeepot! So I go out to the shed and pull it out of the loft...and then realize without electricity the water pump doesn't work, either...

So off I go to get some water, and perhaps some other needful things, and Krispy Kreme has coffee and donuts...and when I got back the power was back on and so the collapse of civilization as we know it has been put on temporary hiatus.

Oh well, I needed some emergency water stores anyway, and the ice is very pretty when it's not knocking out your power.


RabidAlien said...

A true Manly Man would have taken his coffee cup outside to fill it with ice water, then instantaneously heated it beneath the burning glare of his manly gaze. Pour in some grounds, stir it all up with a nearby rattlesnake (always conveniently at hand for a Manly Man!), and there ya go. Morning coffee.

Larry said...

*hangs head in shame*

*offers up Man Card*

RabidAlien said...

I'll just take a corner, this time.

::snips corner, quietly tapes freshly-cut corner back on to his own ManCard::