15 July 2009

Day By Day

Day By Day is having a fund drive.

Unlike many other fund drives, you get stuff when you donate to DBD, so it's more of a sale than a drive.

The more you donate, the more stuff you get. All cashy money is used to support DBD and, incidentally, keep us all in teh funneh.

You go there now.


Chris Muir said...

Larry, you da man.

Me thank you!

Larry said...

It is me who should thank you.

Keep up the good work, I don't know if I can steer any traffic your way but I'm glad to do anything I can to help.

Now make with more of the redhead! (pleeeze?)

Chris Muir said...

Redheads galore,my friend...

Larry said...

Music to my eyes, so to speak.