22 July 2009

Winter Is Coming

HBO is all set to bring another epic novel series to the screen.

A Game of Thrones, a novel by George RR Martin, is set to begin filming in October. The first season will encompass the first of seven planned novels.

This means old George had best get off of his ass and finish the last three novels.

More details here.


Aaron said...

That is, conditionally, awesome. I've been reading through that series since the first came out and rereading it as I acquired the latter books in the series.

It is conditionally awesome, however, because I half expect Arya (if I spelled that wrong it's cause I haven't seen it since A Feast For Crows came out) to be played by some buxom twenty something, Sam to be recast as some uber badass with flowing locks, Tyrion portrayed as a harmless idiot employed by both good and bad players, and other such hijinks.

Larry said...

From what I have read at Winter Is Coming the first script has been leaked and looks very promising. The plan, as I understand it, is to keep all children's ages within a few years, although the younger ones will get a bit older (2-3 years IIRC) to ease the problems with labor laws and such. GRRM is heavily involved with the scripts and he says he likes the first one.

As long as it doesn't go the way of "Legend Of the Seeker" it should be OK. Time will tell.

Speaking of authors, don't you have a little project you are working on? How goes it?

Thanks for dropping by shipmate, good to hear from you.

Aaron said...

It goes in fits and starts. Last two months have seen me moving my entire e-life to another computer, discovering Vista and I will never be BFFs, traveling extensively, playing Mr. Mom for a month, and finally being the game's director (read: punching bag) for the vacation Bible school at my church. Today is the first two in some two months I have a chance of being even remotely productive compared to my usual output.

I still haven't entirely resolved my viewpoint conundrum in the final scene, but the actual battle is finished (though I expect to rewrite some 80% of it) and the planned exposition will be mercifully short as it serves largely to just set up the sequel.

I will keep you up to date...assuming I don't lose what passes for my fragile little mind.

w.v. bormal: Boringly normal?

Larry said...

I'm looking forward to having a copy.

Bormal, why not?