24 July 2009


"Students of anthropology, however, might ponder the question, “Why?” What is it about red hair and large breasts that stimulates such interest? And why, particularly, does this interest so often involve an obsessive curiosity as to whether the aforesaid traits are the product of heredity?

(The part in bold italics means, do the curtains match the carpet?)

The answer is simple. Because all men are pigs, that's why.



none said...

I'll have to reaserch this further.

Larry said...

But of course. One would not want to jump to premature conclusions due to a lack of in-depth research, would one?

I myself have been researching the questions for nigh onto forty years now, and alas am no closer to an answer other than the simple one stated above - to wit, all men are pigs.

And, as the great philosopher Tim Allen has stated, "Too bad we own everything."

I'll let you get back to your research now. ;-)

cary said...

I don't care if she's bald, she's still nice to watch.