24 July 2009

Micheal Weston, Please Call The Office

Having traveled overseas at the insistence of the US Navy I have seen first-hand the conditions in many foreign countries.

The countries I traveled to were considered stable and civilized for the most part, but even in these countries there are reminders that things were not always so.

In France, for instance, one can still find the burned out buildings and shelled walls from two world wars.

In Sigonella, Sicily there is an American air base. Just outside that base is a building that bears the pockmarks from artillery.

If one traverses the Suez Canal one can see the burned carcasses of trucks and other vehicles stranded on the Sinai side where Israeli air forces turned this area into a slaughterhouse as Egyptian forces attempted to cross the canal back into Egypt.

Wherever you are, the situations can turn from peaceful to not-so-peaceful in the blink of an eye.

This website gives you some pointers on how to deal with it.


HT: The Smallest Minority

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