28 November 2010

Back In One Piece

Home again, back to 35 degree nights and days in the 50's. Today when I took the dog out for his perimeter patrol I was shocked at how cold it is here after spending two days in 70 degree Florida weather.

Speaking of my dog, he's a mess. He doesn't like to be home alone, he doesn't like to travel, and he doesn't like to be anywhere that is not home. He spent most of the time traveling curled up on the armrest between the seats where he was enough in the way to be present but not enough to be completely irritating. It's a good thing he's such a small dog.

At any rate, everything is back as it should be in the world of Boots; his trees are right where he left them, the perimeter is secure and I am allowed to roam about without being in his direct line of sight. I guess he figures I'm safe enough at home that he doesn't have to constantly keep an eye on me. These humans take a lot of keeping after, you know.

He's going to hate it when I have to go back to work though. Come to think of it, so will I.


The Old Man said...

The pup sounds like he has my mindset....

Larry said...

He's a funny dog. It's not fair to him, really, the amount of time I spend away from home.
Thanks for dropping by Old Man!