25 November 2010


Today is the day where we give thanks to a benevolent Creator for all the good things in our lives.

Last post notwithstanding, I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a good job and a wonderful family, my bills are paid and if you could see me you could definitely tell I am not starving.

I am at Eldest Daughter's for Thanksgiving this year, so I'm enjoying the warm Florida weather. Youngest Daughter and hubby were not able to get the time off, so they couldn't come down with me. They are taking Eldest Son out for Thanksgiving dinner.

Son In Law is busy in the kitchen. Eldest daughter can cook but SIL always does the big holiday meals. He insists on it. From the smell I can tell he's doing an excellent job, as usual.

My dog and constant companion is in my lap, I have fresh coffee in my cup, and I have the cell card in the computer for Internet. There are things I wish were different, but all told things are pretty good for the Scoundrel.

I have just been reminded that others don't have things as good. Hugs to you and yours A, I hope that everything works out for you. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Photo: Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving


Guy S said...

Even in times such as these, we are all so very blessed. Sounds like you had a great day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Larry said...

It was a good day Guy S, hope it was a good one for you and yours as well.
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed you didn't have a picture of your dog! He/she sits on your lap, so I presume it is a small breed.

I lost my constant friend and blog partner this year. I had him 16 years but I'm grateful he died peacefully.

Larry said...

He's a miniature Doodle, which is a Doxie/poodle mix. Ten pounds of attitude in a five pound dog.
There are a couple of pics of him in this post:
He was my wife's dog, and since her passing he has become my shadow.
Thanks for dropping by SINVILLE.
(BTW, you were right.)

Anonymous said...

It isn't hard to be right when you analyze the motive of most politicians.

My dog was a sweet Bichon Frise. Your sweet dog likely misses your wife too. Did you ever see this?



Larry said...

I had not seen it, thank you. My sister has two Bichon Frise males and has a bumper sticker proclaiming her love of them. One day someone asked her "What's a bitchin' frizzy?"
I know he misses her. I do, too.
Thanks for dropping by!