12 November 2010

To Your Health

My health insurance bill is going up starting in January. The explanation is roundabout and full of hot wind, but the reason is simple; Obamacare.

Thanks 52, you bunch of goat bothering slobbering imbeciles. Damn you and all your kind to the deepest pits of hell where you and that failed ideology you worship rightfully belong.


Mike Mendez said...

But it's for the children... no wait, that's medicaid.
It's for the poor.. no, that's medicaid again.
Who the hell was this for again?
Oh that's right, for the people who would rather not buy insurance.

Larry said...

I think it was to annoy me, and in that it has accomplished it's purpose admirably.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about your post. I see you are retired Navy; don't you receive government insurance for your service? Are you in the private market too?

Larry said...

Yes I do get Tricare because I am retired Navy, however my son does not. Long story, but basically he's my great-grandchild who lives with me (his mother has cerebral palsy and can't care for him) and I don't have a piece of paper with a judge's signature on it saying I'm responsible for his health care, so I can't put him on either Tricare or my insurance through work (which is also going up, same reasons), so I have a separate policy for him.
For what it's worth, Tricare standard is OK, but it's not a gold-plated Cadillac policy (like the ones our Congresscritters have). My work insurance is better, the two together is excellent, and if I wanted to pay the low premiums I could be in Tricare Prime, but Prime is an HMO and I would rather have more choices.