09 November 2010

Today in History

Mostly Cajun reminded me of a milestone.

Twenty one years ago today a wall was toppled in Berlin, Germany. Along with that wall crumbled a regime and an ideology that our brightest analytical minds thought would last forever.

I was onboard USS Forrestal (CV-59) in the Med the day that it happened, a member of one of the organizations responsible for that wall coming down. A few weeks later President George H. W. Bush brought us a chunk of that wall.

Twenty one years later kids starting college have never lived in a world where there was a Soviet Union and two Germanys. You could say it is a better world because of it.

Twenty one years later our "brightest analytical minds" still think the ideology should last forever. Unfortunately for us they are in charge of our government now instead of the USSR's.


Anniee451 said...

I actually spoke to a leftist the other day who said that "humor died" the day the wall fell, and would someone give Putin some bricks and mortar. I was horrified.

By the way, I guess you didn't get to see Hasselhoff in his lovely scarf performing over the festivities? Hehe.

Larry said...

Because a murderous regime/ideology machine-gunning it's citezenry for the crime of wanting to be free is funny!
I wish I could still be surprised at what leftists say. I wonder if they are stupid, or if they really are evil? (in other words, maybe you were right...)
And no, I missed the Hoff. Poor me.
Thanks for dropping by Annie!

Guy S said...

I was in Misawa Japan, on a "Rim-Pac" deployment, when the wall fell. Had a chief almost get his teeth sent to the tooth fairy by express fist, after he made a couple of comments about the East Germans and others who were literally dancing in the streets rejoicing. He was a little put off that I took offense at his comments. I told him a large portion of my family on both parents sides came directly from countries which were behind the iron curtain, and that I took exception to his remarks. Calmer heads prevailed, and he apologized (not really a bad guy, just tended to let his ass over ride his vocal cords from time to time.

Larry said...

It was a day for dancing Guy S, and I don't understand how that chief didn't realize that. After all, he too was a member of one of the organizations that worked so hard to bring that wall down.
One of my mates was of German origin, and when we hit Naples it got pretty drunk pretty early. To this day I can't stand the smell of Jagermiester.
Thanks for dropping by!